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Gondhla Fort | Hidden Gem | Lahaul & Spiti

Gondhla Fort Lahaul

Gondhla fort Lahaul Valley

Gondhla, 14km west of Sissu, this eight-storey, stone-and-timber tower fort was built by Raja of Kullu is entirely built of wood. There is a really cool heritage homestay right near the fort. Fort is about 300 years ago and used to be a local Thakur (lord’s) residence.

Gondhla Fort on the right bank of River Chandra. The massive fort houses the residence of the royalty in the village. It is one of the most magnificent monuments in the entire Lahaul valley and is definitely worth visiting.

It’s now unoccupied and locked up, but it’s still an impressive sight, briefly visible from the left-side bus window below road level as you drive towards Keylong.