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The Zoji La Pass | Connects Srinagar with Leh.

The Zoji La Pass, a well-known mountain pass in Ladakh, is well-known for various reasons. It was the location of the Indo-Pakistan War in 1947-48, and it’s a legendary dirt trail route with hairpin curves and breathtaking views that evoke a range of emotions in you.

The Zoji La Pass, with about 3,528 metres in height, is the second-highest pass on the NH 1, behind the Fotu La Pass. It links the Jammu And Kashmir to the west, the Drass & Suru Lowlands to the northeastern, and the Indus Valley to the east.

The Legend of Zoji La Pass

In 1848, militias supported by the Pakistan Army conquered Zoji La Pass, with the eventual goal of conquering Ladakh. The pass, however, was seized by the Indian Army on November 1, 1948, in an attack dubbed Operation Bison.