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Kothi – Adobe of Goddess Shuwang Chandika

Kothi is also called Koshtampi is an ancient large village in tehsil Kalpa, little below the Kalpa and nearby Reckong Peo.

Kothi is also called Koshtampi is an old big village in tehsil Kalpa, just below the Kalpa and also close-by Reckong Peo. The town is environed by the fruit trees stressed by wineries. It mores than stalked by Kinner Kailash top which creates a spectacular background.

A holy place devoted to goddess Chandika, also known as Shuang Chandika has spread out the popularity of village Kothi in large part of the district. The local people hold the goddess in great reverence and consider her to be one of the most powerful goddesses.

Her tale goes that she was the daughter of the demon devta Banaasur that who presided over the Kinnaur. He had 18 sons and daughters. Chandika was the oldest amongst all. She presided over Sairag the heart of Kinnaur. But developing her hold on the location was not so simple. The Thakur of Chini ruled Sairag with the help of a powerful devil. To beat this opponent, Chandika took the help of a shrewd lady called Biche.

Biche duped the demon into placing his long hair in between the grinding rocks of a water mill. After that Chandika sprang on the helpless titan and also cut his head with her sword. but a new head right away changed the old. Repetitive swishes of her sword just generated much more grinning faces. Annoyed as well as strenuous, Chandika was at risk of sinking in the sea of blood created by her actions. Abandoning her satisfaction, she showed up to her siblings for support. Chagaon Maheshwar responded her to kill the life-sustaining beetle, floating over the demon head. Chandika maintain her adobe at Kothi in the middle of Sairag