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Giri Ganga – Hidden Gem in Jubbal Valley

Giri Ganga is a very beautiful and mesmerizing place hidden near Kharapathar in Shimla district of Himachal Pradesh. The Giri Ganga temple and Kuppar Bugyal are one of the hidden gems in the Himalayas.

Giri Ganga is a really lovely and also thrilling location concealed near Kharapathar in Shimla area of Himachal Pradesh. The Giri Ganga holy place and also Kuppar Bugyal are just one of the concealed treasures in the Mountain ranges. Unlike the various other visitor locations in Shimla, Giriganga is really much less jampacked as well as packed with nature. There are an ancient temple and Dharamshala (an area made use of to remain by site visitors had by the holy place) in Giri Ganga. Aside from these, there are no concrete structures close by. The holy place is located in the middle of a thick forest. There is a little ground which is utilized as a parking location by individuals coming to the holy place. From the Giriganga holy place, there is a travelling path that copulates to the Kuppar height.

Giri Ganga – Origin of the name.

An Old sage intended to produce a location in Himachal Pradesh, having the exact same power & power as Kashi. For this, he picked the Nirmand town of Shimla area in Himachal Pradesh. With this, though he and some of his accompanying Sadhus were carrying the sacred “Ganga Jal” in their “Kamandals” (Vessels used in ancient times by sadhus) from Haridwar. They were complying with the old course with undergoes the “Nagan Valley” in Shimla. Giri Ganga Holy Place and also Kuppar Bugyal additionally hinge on this old course. Although, this course is among one of the thickest want woodlands in Himachal Pradesh.

The Kupper Bugyal is a lovely field in addition to a top and also for that reason the Sages selected to relax at this area. Throughout this moment, the Ganga Jal they brought mistakenly splashed on the ground. There instant response and also very first words were “Giri Ganga” which suggests Ganga spilt/fell. A stream of water was created as well as it was therefore called the Giri Ganga river. The location was called hereafter stream and also a holy place was constructed at the end of Kuppar hill.

After this incidence, Giri Ganga was considered a very holy place and full of energy. The local deities started visiting this place with the followers and slowly it became popular. There is a small pool of water locally called a “Kund” near the Kuppar peak. There is an ancient temple in Giriganga, which is said to be built during the 13th century as per the archaeological survey of India. This is very interesting, as it is believed that there was no civilization nearby during that time. The beautiful architecture of the Giri Ganga temple, makes you wonder who would have built this temple complex and what kind of technology was used.

Myths around the building of the Giriganga Temple.

Based on a preferred neighbourhood Myths, the Giri Ganga holy place complicated was constructed by the Pandavas. It is claimed that the Pandavas remained in this location for a long time throughout there exile period. Throughout this duration, they developed the holy place in Giri Ganga and also utilized to prayer below. This puts feels like the best hideout for them as it is not noticeable from anywhere up until you reach here.