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The Great Khali – Indian Professional Wrestler

Dilip Singh Rana, better known as The Great Khali is an internationally famed wrestler who needs no introduction. This 7 ft 3″ tall wrestler is famous for his unique fighting skills. The Great Khali was born to Jwala Ram and his wife Tandi Devi in a Punjabi Hindu family of the Dhiraina village of Himachal Pradesh’s Sirmaur district. Better known by his ring name The Great Khali, Dalip Singh Rana, is an Indian professional wrestler who was a part of WWE from 2006 to 2014. 

He is presently affiliated with the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). In a career spanning 17 years, he has used several ring names, the most prominent of which is ‘The Great Khali. Coming from a humble background, Rana initially did some odd jobs to make the ends meet before becoming an officer with the ‘Punjab State Police’.

At age of 29-year-old wrestler became a household name through his participation in the highly popular World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Championship and then quickly gained recognition for his unbeaten streak as he formed the main event in his local bout.

The rest is history as his first match was a stunning success as he fought his way through the field to be crowned the undisputed King of the Man-Boy love triangle known as “He-Man”. The match lasted well over six hours and ended with The Great Khali winning in an uncharacteristic upset. His next foray into the world of professional wrestling proved even more successful and included a victory over two-time World Heavyweight Champion the Undertaker. The crowd response in He-Man was largely favourable, but his subsequent matches with The Undertaker did not go so well. Khali’s next two fights against two-time WBF Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar were defeated in gruelling, brutal fashion by The Beast.

Khali set up his own promotion and training academy, ‘Continental Wrestling Entertainment’ (CWE), in February 2015, in Jalandhar. They hosted their inaugural event on December 12, 2015.