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Jagatsukh Temple Manali – An ancient Shiva Temple

Jagatsukh is a picturesque village, and the capital of the former state of Kullu, located about 7 kilometres away from the town of Manali. Jagatsukh was the former capital of Manali and presently is the biggest village in Kullu district. It is famous for its enchanting natural landscape and the ancient Jagatsukh. An ancient Shiva Temple, built in the ‘shikhara’ style is the prominent highlight of the village. A small shrine of Gauri Shankar and the chalet-roofed temple dedicated to Goddess Sandhya Devi are some of the numerous old temples that dot the village.

Jagatsukh is not only famous for the Jagatsukh temple, Manali, but it is also really famous among people for the very popular annual Chacholi Jatra Festival and till date, various operations of paddy cultivations are celebrated from here. The area is beautifully nestled amidst dense natural vegetation and snow-filled mountains. The serene atmosphere in the Jagatsukh village is fully know covered and completely carpeted with lush greenery during the summer season. Therefore, it doesn’t matter whether you go for a trek or a picnic, one must take a visit to the Jagatsukh temple, Manali to experience the freshness of the place.       

Interesting story about Jagatsukh, was here that, in the early sixteenth century, Sidh Pal met the goddess Hidimba, under the guise of an old woman, who prophesied that he would recover the kingdom of his ancestors. And it was here too that the dynastic name was changed from Pal to Singh, for when Sidh Pal was one day holding a calf for his Brahmin hostess while she milked the cow, a lion suddenly appeared which he killed on the spot and was from then on given the name Singh-lion-which he passed on to his successors.

Kalath, Jagatsukh has hot spring water and famous attractions near Manali. Tourists can go for a picnic here and spend a few hours watching this hot spring water. Tourists can spend some quality time with their family and friends in this beautiful place.