Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

Mysterious Himachal

Land of God & Faith

The highest mountain peak in Himachal Pradesh is Shilla located in the Kinnaur District that stands at a gigantic height of 7025 meters.  The name may be derived from: Shi = death, Shi-la = range or peak death. Other meanings locally offered are ‘a place of monastery’ or ‘a gateway to heaven’. The Shilla peak is on the divide between Lingti and Shilla Nullah/nala.

In 1860, a Khalasi of the survey of India climbed this remote peak. It remained as an altitude record for forty-seven years, Its height was calculated to be 23,046 ft. however the modern survey has diminished it to 20,120ft (6,132 M).

THANG YUG GOMPA: It is located 13 kms. above Kaza (Lahaul & Spiti) serving western part of central Spiti. Situated in a secluded place in the narrow gauge of Kaza Nallah, it generally has a Lama from Tibet. Above this there is a long plateau which leads to Shilla peak.