Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

Mysterious Himachal

Land of God & Faith

Pin Valley is situated in Lahul & Spiti district of H.P. It is one of the hidden gems of Spiti Valley. The park is located in the desert habitat of the Spiti Valley, within the Cold Desert Biosphere Reserve, in the Himalayas region. This cold desert is situated from the height 11000 feet to 20000 feet and known for medicinal plants available only in this area. The landscape view is very beautiful and unique itself.

It was in 1987 that Pin Valley National Park was established in the cold desert of Lahaul & Spiti thus forming a part of the Great Himalayan National Park Conservation Area, it spreads over an area of approx 9700 SQ KM.

Pin Valley is at a distance of approx.50 kilometers from Kaza to Mud village. The road was bad in condition & not tarred all along the way to Mud Village. The road to Pin Valley is filled with scenery. The Pin River arises from the glaciers of the Pin Parvati Pass at a height of 4802 meters and it flows down and merges with Spiti River.

Pin Valley National Park is the most exciting areas to visit which is filled with lush greenery and extremely thrilling views all around. The park is characterized by alpine pasture that offers a rich collection of flora including Juniper and Birch trees. Ibex, Himalayan marmot, blue rock pigeon, snow pigeon and Himalayan brown bear are some of the other rare species of animals and birds that you can witness in the park.

Pin Valley National Park is a simply heaven. If you go in winters then you might see winters animals.