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Kalpa – Picturesque Little Sleepy Village

The beautiful town of Kalpa in Kinnaur Valley is a picturesque little sleepy village with views that can’t be compared. Once you reach this wonderland of Kalpa, you’ll be hard-pressed to let the memories faint for a lifetime.  It used to be the district HQ but now it shifted to another town called Reckong Peo just a few kilometers away from Kalpa. Easiest way to reach Kalpa is from Shimla. There are frequent buses to both Reckong Peo and Kalpa from Shimla. From Reckong Peo you can get many buses to Kalpa. You can even Hitch-hike if you are up for it.

Kalpa is at a average elevation of 9700 feet. Its is located 260kms beyond shimla on NH5 in kinnaur district. Kalpa is small town tucked in the Himalayas overlooking the Kinnaur Kailash peak. The town is a mixture of Tibetian culture mixed with the Pahadi Culture. If you google “Kalpa” you will find a Indo-Tibetian Temple. However, this village has lot to offer. Just walk around and you will see many beautiful sight this village has to offer. Apple orchards, mountain views, sunrise and sunsets and friendly townsfolk. You will find a few places to stay a kilometre away from the bus stop along the upper road. 

The first thing you must check out the famous Indo-Tibetian Temple. As the name suggests the temple is a mixture of Tibetian architecture infused with classic Hindu Temple architecture. The temple has a beautiful view of the kinnaur Kailash in the background. It boasts of a wood cut entrance depicting Hindu and Buddhist Deities.

Roghi Village

Blessed with so many natural wonders, the beautiful Roghi village is situated 8 km away from the town of Kalpa and is surrounded by lovely gardens and village houses. This place is popular for its apple orchards and ethnic village life, which includes temples, monasteries, Kinnauri style buildings, etc. The tourists love visiting this mind blowing destination, which is blessed with such an exquisite beauty.The Roghi village is built on the slope of a mountain and is covered with apple, apricot, and chilgoza tree.

Suicide Point Kalpa

The Suicide Point is located around 3 kms away from Kalpa village and the journey to this point takes place through beautiful apple gardens. This place is so lovely that tourists even forget the dangerous trench and vertical slope they pass through on their way to suicide point. Also, the breathtaking mountain scenery gives tourists a taste of height and turns their experience into something more interesting. One can reach at this pot through a car and enjoy the stunning landscape of Suicide Point.