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Right from childhood, you must have heard about the power of word but it has been changed by the times of internet. Now, the power of word is not just enough. In fact even a good word is of no use, unless it has some backing. However good, your text might be; it won’t reach anyone unless you back it with a solid SEO. However good your website or product might be, if you are not marketing it properly, it will seldom sell. No one can deny the power of social media in the current economic scenario and to tap it, you again need solid SMM.

Neeraj Dhiman has built his expertise as a knowledgeable and experienced Search Engine Optimization strategist, consultant and In-House SEO in combination with his skills as a Web Developer for more than a decade. Currently, Neeraj Dhiman concentrates his resourcefulness and skills on the diversified aspects of Search Engine Optimization for independent clients, where he’s earned the distinction of consistent top rankings in all major search engines. He is consistently involved in technologies that maximize usability and accessibility when optimizing/developing large web sites as well as identifying problems and solutions that result in major cost saving strategies.

Neeraj is the Co-founder of Tech Sprinters. Tech Sprinters started out as a web design and marketing agency, but over time morphed into a leading SEO firm. Neeraj, and Tech Sprinters, had been heavy into the science of SEO since 2009.

Apart from this, he loves to participate in various industry forums and has been the face of several high profile websites. His dedication and determination has helped him develop SEO strategies that are unique to his own. He indulges in his projects and constantly keeps the customer updated about the progress. He believes in utmost customer satisfaction and strives hard to deliver as per customer’s demands. His performance is backed with strong work ethics and updated SEO knowledge.

Neeraj Dhiman is an avid blogger too. He blogs at Mysterious Himachal, 5SEO Mistakes, Life Style Stories.

A great fan on Mr. Steve Jobs, he follows his few words as the mantra of his life. Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.”


Co-Founder/CEO –  Tech Sprinters Pvt. Ltd

Digital Marketing Expert

Mailing address:
Shimla India


Skype: neeraj.dhiman7

Telephone numbers:

India: +919816034990


15 thoughts on “About – Me

  1. Mr. Dhiman, I found youe blog, and really enjoy reading it and viewing the pictures. My best friend, really my brother, is an Indian I have known for 35+ years, and talk with daily via Skype. He is interacting with Aman Chouhan, who does a lot of business in Shimla, and has a resort in the Rohru area as well. They are collaborating on a project in the Rohru area, and I’m consulting from the US on the earliest stages of that project. If you’d l;ike to talk via Skype, let me know and I’ll forward my Skype ID.

  2. Hi Neeraj,

    Hope you are doing good. Would like to know more about your experiences in HImachal Pradesh especially the spooky ones. Myself Deb, a Talent Acquisition Specialist by profession and also a paranormal enthusiast. Would like to speak with you.

    My skype id is debrup.spencer33. Look forward to connect.


  3. Hi Neeraj!
    I liked your blog. Especially the story about the haunted mansion. Consider putting up more stories about haunted places. All the best to you.

    Vishal Sharma

  4. Very interesting portfolio. Would love to know more about you. Do you do SEO/SMM also ??
    I have some projects where I need your help. Plz let me know how can we connect.

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