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Magnetic Hill | The Gravity-Defying Phenomenon

Magnetic Hill

Magnetic Hill | Leh

A tiny section of road located 30 kilometres from Leh city on the Leh-Kargil Highway defies the phenomena of gravity. The cause for this is due to the magnetic slope, which pushes stationary cars upwards. Hence, it is known as the Magnetic Hill in Ladakh and is a popular tourist destination in the valley and a convenient rest stop for weary motorcyclists on the highway.

The Legend

Villagers on Ladakh’s magnetic hill believe that there was once a path that went to heaven. Those who earned it were drawn immediately to the road, while those who did not merit it could never get there.

What Science Says

Two ideas might explain why this upward movement is occurring. The most prevalent explanation is that the hill has a strong magnetic attraction that attracts cars in its vicinity. The magnetic field is so powerful that Indian Air Force jets avoid flying this route to avoid magnetic interference on their electronics.

Another widely accepted explanation is that of an optical illusion. It says the hill does not indeed have a magnetic force but instead produces an optical illusion in which the road, which travels downwards, appears to move upwards. As a result, when you perceive a car driving upslope, it is doing the opposite and does not contradict natural rules.