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Chadar Trek | Zanskar Valley | Leh & Ladakh

The Chadar Trek may not have the same glitz and glamour as other hikes in the area, but it’s certainly one you’ll be able to brag about for years once you’ve returned home.

Routes you’ve likely never heard of but certainly need to know about exist deep in the rugged mountains of the Indian region of Zanskar. You may be pleasantly surprised by the beauty of the Chadar Trek, as it takes you through a frozen Zanskar River under challenging circumstances that saw temperatures dip down to -35 degrees Celsius.

Going on this trip will take roughly 65 miles (one way), and you definitely should not do it quickly. The experience you have while on your trek includes, but is not limited to, the length of time you spend in the wilderness and the terrain you cover. It is not uncommon for cold wind to blow over the valley at night, and temperatures may dip below -35°C, so you should pack an extra layer.

It may be a real adventure when hiking because the weather might change in unpredictable ways and the location is far away.

Usually, when you go on the Chadar Trek, you will start from Leh and drive to Chilling, where the trailhead is appropriately called. Then, after tracing the river as it runs more profound into the valley, travel up the other side to reach the next level. Pishu, Pidmo, Stongde, and Zangla all lie along the route, providing you with the opportunity to learn about and tour stunning gompas (a Tibetan monastery or temple) and forts.

These stops provide you with an opportunity to learn about the numerous aspects of Zanskarian culture and way of life. The snow leopard has been reported to inhibit the region, with paw tracks in the snow discovered here and there.

The Zanskar River flows beside the two tall, nearly vertical cliffs that extend 600 metres above the valley floor. Beyond these beautiful snow-capped peaks, you will see the majestic Greater Himalayas, the Greater Karakoram Range, and the Ladakh Range.

While other treks in the region offer flash and glamour, the Chadar Trek will make you proud to be able to talk about it for a long time after you return home.