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Hemis National Park | High Altitude Park

Hemis National Park encompasses 1,700 square miles of pristine snow leopard habitat in the eastern part of the Union Territory of Ladakh, in India.

Hemis National Park is located in the Union Territory of Ladakh in India and contains 1,700 sq kilometres of pure snow leopard habitat. Voyager, the Snow Leopard Organization, uses this point as its headquarters for organising signature Snow Leopard Expedition trips to Ladakh and regular Snow Leopard tour trips to Ladakh. One of India’s most significant protected areas is officially known as the Hemis High-Altitude National Park.

The weather is harsh, and there is little infrastructure (roads, lodging). Here, trekking is not recommended for anyone who’s a little timid. But, for a true adventure, the “final Shangri-La” of India has been described as the highest, most isolated, and least inhabited part of the country.

More than 1,600 people reside in the six villages located inside the park, including Rumbak, Khaya, Sku, Shingo, Cruise, and Chilling. Livestock rearing is a common form of employment for many. However, doing this has complicated the task of protecting the wildlife in the protected areas.