Wed. May 25th, 2022

Mysterious Himachal

Land of God & Faith

Manikaran Sahib – A Symbol of Religious Unity

Manikaran is located in the Parvati Valley along the banks of river Parvati, northeast of Bhuntar in the Kullu District of Himachal Pradesh. It is at an altitude of 1760 m and is located about 40 km from Bhuntar. Manikaran, one of the famous pilgrimages of Himachal Pradesh, is considered a symbol of religious unity. Here a river named Parvati flows, on one side of which is the Shiva temple and on the other side the historical Gurudwara of Guru Nanak Dev.


While playing in the river here, the gem of the ear ornaments of Mata Parvati fell into the water and went to Palat Lok. When this happened, Lord Shiva asked his ganas to find the gem. Even after searching a lot, Shiva-Gana did not find the gem. Enraged by this, Lord Shiva opened his third eye. Naina Devi appeared with his eyes as soon as the third eye-opening. Therefore, this place is considered to be the birthplace of Naina Devi. When Naina Devi went to Hades and asked Sheshnag to return the gem, Sheshnag presented the gem to Lord Shiva.

According to beliefs, apart from the gem of Goddess Parvati, Sheshnag had also presented many beads to her to please Lord Shiva. Then Lord Shiva had asked Goddess Parvati to recognize her gem and wear it, all the other stones were made in the form of stones and put them in the river. It is said that the beads sent from Sheshnag are still present in the river here in the form of stones.

Hot Water Resource:-

There is also a hot water source near the Shiva temple here. This hot water is at some distance from the Parvati River with cold water. Where the hot water comes from in this matter remains a mystery till date. Rice is cooked in this hot water source to make gurdwara offerings. Rice is kept in a pot and kept here, and then it is cooked in a few minutes. The water here is so hot that no one can even put hands in it. The water of this source is mixed with the water of the Parvati River to make it suitable for bathing.

According to Sikhs, during third Udasi, Guru Nanak Dev Ji came to this place in 1574 Bikrami with his disciples Bhai Bala & Bhai Mardana. Guru Nanak asked for Langar from the village. They received all the raw material but there was no fire to cook. Guru Nanak Dev Ji told his disciples to lift a stone. To everyone’s surprise, there was boiling hot water under the stone – good enough to cook food in it. However, the food kept getting drowned in the hot water pond and the disciples looked at the Guru. Guru taught them a lesson in gratitude when he asked them to offer the food to God if you want to have it. And yes, as soon as it was pledged to be offered to God, food started floating.

The water of the spring is also supposed to have curative powers & extremely auspicious. The water is so hot that rice for the “Langar” is cooked by putting it into a linen bag and dipping it into the boiling water.