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Mysterious Himachal

Land of God & Faith

Himachal State Museum – Best Museum of State

Shimla is one of the tourist places of Himachal Pradesh. It is a beautiful hill station with a beautiful landscape, religious architecture and interesting places to visit. The largest city of Himachal is Shimla where the tourists can find many good hotels and restaurants. The tourism in Shimla is quite impressive and tourists can find plenty of interesting places to visit here. The State Museum of Himachal has one of the finest collections of artworks and paintings of Himachal.

There are four famous museums in Himachal Pradesh. One is Himachal state museum in Shimla, established in 1974. Others are in Chamba, Dharamsala and Keylong.  This museum is housed in an old Victorian mention called INVERARM. 

Himachal State Museum was once the residence of Lord William Beresford, who was the Military Secretary of Lord William Bentick. When he left the country, the complex was occupied by Sir Edwin Colon and then it was inherited by the finance member of the council, Sir Edward Law. Later, after many years of independence, the mansion became the house of several Indian government officials.

On January 26th, 1974, the house was finally converted into a museum with the sole aim of preserving the historical and archaeological artefacts. The museum houses a lot of rich paintings and artworks by many of the artists from Himachal. These paintings are displayed in several galleries of the museum and it makes the visitors visit the museum in order to see the paintings. He also boasts antique carvings and sculptures and its interior is very beautiful. This museum is the best source of information about the art and culture of Himachal. It displays a collection of artworks and artefacts and also features valuable and rare objects.

It is a good place to spend a couple of hours. This museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 Am to 5 Pm. Monday Closed. It is a must-visit place for all tourists.