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Mysterious Himachal

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Baba Bhootnath Mandir: 16th-Century Hindu Temple


The Bhootnath ancient temple, located in the main street heart of the town was built by Raja Ajber Sen in 1527 AD. This temple is devoted to the Great Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva is also known as Bhootnath. According to belief, the t king received information that milk flows from cow’s udder itself every day at a deserted place in the forest. In a few days, this news spread like fire to people. During this time Lord Shiva appeared in the dream of King Ajber San and told him that the place where milk flows from cow’s udder. Shivalinga is established there. He asked the king to build a grand temple here and give it the name of Bhootnath.

When the king inspected the spot according to the instructions of God, this thing was true. Shiva lingam was established in the ground as predicted and the cow used to offer milk to the lingam daily by the Lord’s grace. In 1527 AD, King Ajber San built the temple in the style of Shikhara. Till date, the temple is worshiped devoutly to Lord Bhoothnath. The temple remains a center of attraction for the tourists coming from the country and abroad.

Every year the festival of Shivaratri is celebrated with joy in Baba Bhootnath temple. Devotees begin to throng the temple before Shivaratri. The festival of Shivaratri is celebrated here for a full week every year. The history of International Shivaratri fair is also associated with this Bhootnath temple.