Sun. Jun 26th, 2022

Mysterious Himachal

Land of God & Faith

Batseri Village | Sangla Valley – Shangri La

Batseri is a pleasant little village in Sangla Valley. It is also known as apple Valley of Himachal Pradesh. Batseri is about 7 km from Sangla. It is also recognized for its stunning environments and also incredible landscapes. At an elevation of 2700 meters, Sangla is known for its snowcapped mountains, forest slopes & gorgeous valley.

Batseri village lies on the other bank of Baspa River, you have to cross bridge & you will enter village. Set amongst a backdrop of snowcapped mountains are adorning the village. At the entrance you would be greeted by an arc with all the signs of Buddhism & when you will get into the village you will see a perfectly carved Badri Narayan Temple. A hike from Sangla to Batseri Village is also very popular with tourists comming to Sangla Valley. Most of the camping sites of Sangla valley are located on the opposite side of Batseri village.

Badrinarayan Temple

The temple is mostly closed as well as only opens for fairs. Among the most famous festivals is the Ukhayang flower festival. The Batseri Village people’s celebrate this in September by giving a gift of rare Brahmakamal to deity. The temple has a an unroofed area and primary door is delicately sculpted. The temple has a courtyard and the primary door is delicately sculpted depicting numerous scenes of Indian mythology.