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Dagshai or DAAG-E- SHAI– Ghost Town in Solan

Dagshai is located in the Solan about 8 kilometers far from Barog. It is at a altitude of 5,689-feet on hill. It is among the oldest recognized cantonment towns in India, founded by East India Firm in 1847; when Bhupinder Singh, the after that Maharaja of Patiala, gave them 5 towns completely free of cost. Dagshai was among the 5 villages and also the largest in terms of size and populace. The name of the town is believed to have actually originated from Urdu word “Daag-e-Shahi”; actually translating to a “Royal Mark”. But this was not a mark of honor or pride but rather of embarrassment. It was a mark that in Mughal times was placed on prisoners or bad guys who were then sent below to be put behind bars.

Dagshai Burial Ground & Ghost of Dagshai–

Dagshai town have, a couple of Military buildings, two institutions, a cemetery and also some local homes and also a burial ground. In British regime George Weston and his wife resided in Dagshai. While, the George was a medicine specialist, his wife was a nursing aide. The couple stayed childless for a long time then they had the god fortune to meet a Peer Baba and then he gives both a amulet. George’s wife Mary conceived their first child. But young mom died on the eighth month of her pregnancy in the year 1909. Geroge, in order to reveal his undying love for his wife built a gorgeous marble grave for his beloved wife and their unborn babe. The locals called the grave of Mary as “Mem ki Qabr”. Words on the marble structure are “To the sacred and loving memory of my wife Mary Rebeca Weston who died at Dagshai, 10th December 1909 and our unborn Babe.

The Superstition & Legend of Dagshai-

As time passed, rumors’ regarding Mary’s grave started doing the rounds in the area. Some individuals developed a misunderstanding that if an expecting girl cut a piece of marble from Mary’s sepulcher; she would certainly bring to life a baby boy. Final result, the lovely marble structure was soon damaged away piece by piece and also a poor woman’s sepulcher was completely ruined.