Tue. May 24th, 2022

Mysterious Himachal

Land of God & Faith

Sutlej – Known as Red River

Sutlej River, Ancient Greek name Zaradros, Sanskrit name Shutudri or Shatadru, longest of the 5 tributaries of the Indus River that provide the state of Punjab its name. Sutluj rises from past Indian borders in the Southern slopes of the Kailash near Mansarover lake from Rakastal  lake, as Longcchen Khabab river (in Tibet ). It is the biggest among the 5 rivers of Himachal Pradesh.

It enters into Himachal at Shipki La at 6608 M and moves in the South-Westerly direction with Kinnaur, Shimla, Kullu, Solan, Mandi & Bilaspur . Its overall length in Himachal Pradesh is 320 Kms, from Rakastal, with renowned tributaries like. the Spiti, the Ropa, the Taiti, the Kashang, the Mulgaon, the Yula, the Wanger. It leaves Himachal Pradesh to enters the palins  of Punjab at Bhakhra, where the world’s highest gravity dam has been constructed  on this river. From here it turns sharply towards the west and flows in the middle of Punjab, where it divides the Best Doab (North) and Malwa (South).

At Harike, the Beas River joins the Sutlej, from where it turns southwest and sets the boundary line between India and Pakistan. It then flows west of Fazilka in Pakistan for some distance leaving India. Towards the west near Bahawalpur, it meets the Chenab river. The two rivers together form the Panchanad.