Sun. May 29th, 2022

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Shri Hanogi (Saraswati) Mata Temple: At The Edge of a Cliff

Shri Hanogi (Saraswati) Mata Temple located in NH 21 on the way from Mandi to Kullu.  Hanogi mata temple is a scenic temple perched on a mountain cliff on the back of river Beas with beautiful view. The temple is very famous and all the drivers stop over for few minutes. The belief is that the goddess Durga fulfills all the wishes of its devotees who pray here.  Foot Bridge on the river close to the temple is an additional attraction. Rope way is available for those who would like to visit another temple on the other side of the river.

The story goes that a road engineer was brought in to consult on how to change the road in this area to reduce the danger. The engineer suggested instead to build a temple and indeed: since then, many of the cars that drive by either stop to pay their respects or at the very least, significantly slow down. The result is that indeed, the number of accidents has gone way down. Incidentally, the temple is on a fairly narrow part of the valley and the views are stunning. Aside from paying respects to the goddess inside, it’s well worth a few minutes’ stop to take in the vista..