Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

Mysterious Himachal

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Kamaksha Devi Temple – Quaint Old Temple

Kamaksha Devi Temple is situated in Kao village, 7 Km from Karsog valley in Mandi district. It is at 20 kms from Chindi, a small village & 100 km from Shimla , Mandi is famous for its temple of Goddess Durga in her incarnation as Kamakshya Devi. Sacred to Goddess Durga, this vividly wooden temple is perched on a hilltop. As per the legends, this place has witnessed the war between Manhishasur and Goddess Durga.

Manhishasur (the king of devils) who was cursed to be the water buffalo was killed at the same spot where the temple is located. The demon was in the form of a buffalo and hence, numerous buffaloes sacrifice at this temple on the eve of Navratri.

Karsog Valley

The temple looks very attarctive and beautiful having some great pieces of wooden art which is rarely found build by local villagers. It has astonishing woodcarvings of Pagoda style structural design and there is also beautiful sights around the temple. Around the temple you will see some of the ancient time things which are really beautiful.