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Pooh Village – Gateway to Upper Kinnaur

One of Kinnaur’s largest settlements, Pooh is 58 km from Powari along the highway to Spiti. Poo, or Pooh, also known as Spuwa (altitude 2,662 metres or 8,736 ft), is a small town in Kinnaur district, Himachal Pradesh, India. The approximate population given within a 7 km radius of the town is 1,192. Besides an old Buddhist Monastery, the countryside around this settlement has vineyards, almond and apricot trees, and an abundance of apple orchards. Inscriptions suggest that Poo was an important trading center in the early 11th century.

The upper Kinnaur comprises of remaining north-eastern part of the district i.e. the area between Pooh and Hangrang valley extending upto international border with Tibet.

The predominant physical type of upper Kinnaur in the Mongoloid though a few persons with Mediterrean features are also seen in the area around Pooh. Some persons show the blending of Mediterrean and Mongoloid elements in varying degrees. However the people of Hangrang valley are almost universally Mongoloids. They mostly follow Mahayana Buddhist religion.