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Sach Pass – High Altitude Pass in Chamba District of HP

Sach Pass

Sach Pass at an elevation of 4,500 meters (14500 feet) lying on the Pir Panjal Range of the Himalayas. It connects Chamba Valley / Churah Valley with Pangi Valley in Himachal Pradesh. Arguably Pangi valley is considered as one of the remotest region in Himachal Pradesh and thus nature still retains its virginity. Sach Pass is located about 127 KMs from Chamba and about 175 KMs from Dalhousie.  It is the shortest route from Chamba to the Killar (170 km). The pass is a relatively new road built just over 10 years ago which has shortened the distance from Killar to Chamba.

Every adventure lover seeks a Sach Pass trip once he covers Ladakh & Spiti and gets bitten by the incurable bug of adventure travel. The pass offers a spectacular view of the show clad peaks, high mountains, and untouched and unspoiled surroundings. Every year the pass gets open from late June or early July to mid-October and then the road closes for winters after heavy snowfall. July-August is the time of heavy monsoon in the region with huge possibilities of land-slides and cloud-bursts so, better get on to the journey in September and complete before October, which is the time when temperature drops below zero and not even a single sign of human existence can be spotted in the area.   

Avalanches and heavy snowfalls can sometimes block some sections of the road and can be extremely dangerous due to frequent patches of ice. The Pangi valley remains cut off from the rest of country for about seven months in a year.