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Pangna-Karsog Valley – Beautiful and Historic

Pangna-Karsog Valley is a picturesque valley with forested mountain sides sloping down from the ridgelines. Situated in Mandi district, Pangana at a distance of around 22 kilometres, this valley is as beautiful and divine as the Karsog valley. This valley is also home to the historical Pangana Fort famous for its unique architecture and wooden carvings, this seven storied fort is a tourist attraction and is mainly visited for the old world charm that it exudes . Pangna was the first capital of Sen dynesty of Suket State and later shifted to present SunderNagar. The place has at present a hill architecture kila or a temple dedicated to princess of state.

Pangana Fort

This an ancient fort surrounded by mountains and the view is nearly panoramic. Pangna fort is a tower-like structure on a fifty feet stone platform overlooking the little village spread on its either side. The seven storeyed tower-like fort-palace has an old-world grandeur. It is just 60 feet high and is built in typical hill architecture in which only wood and stone are used. The woodcarvings are decorative. 

Karsog Valley:

Karsog is as old as time, the name itself comes from the words ‘kar’ and ‘shok’ meaning ‘daily mourning’. The myth from the Mahabharata goes that the village was terrorized by a rakshasa who ate a villager every day causing for daily mourning. But during the exile of the Pandavas, Bhima saved the village from the rakshasa by offering himself

Karsog is mainly known for its heritage temples standing with its unqiue architecture .In Karsog you can visit Kamakhya Devi Temple,Shri Mamleshwar Mahadev Temple, Drum of Pandvas, and Shikari Devi Temple