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JwalaMukhi or Jwalamukhi Temple –Known as Flaming Goddess

This Popular place of pilgrimage destinations of Northern India, Jwala Ji Temple is around 35km from Kangra. The temple is dedicated to Jwala Devi, a form of the Holy Goddess herself. Due to the Her residence in the nine eternal flames of the temple, she is also known as the Flaming Goddess.  Considered as most ancient temple in lower Himalayas, it is one of the Devi peethas or 51 Shakti peethas associated with legend of Sati.  It is believed that the tongue of Goddess Sati fell on this ground.


The Jwalamukhi temple is the place where the tongue of Sati fell. Here the goddess is manifested as tiny flames that burn through the fissures in the age old rock. The temple was built by Raja Bhumi Chand Katoch to enshrine the holy spot. 

The story goes that there was a cowherd who always used to find his cow without milk. One day he followed his cow till the grazing field and found that a young girl drank the cow’s milk and disappeared with the blink of an eye. Seeing this, the cowherd went to the king and described about the incident. The king tried to trace out the place with the help of the cowherd but he failed. Few years later the same cowherd informed the King about a flame burning in the mountains. This time the king could spot the flame without much fail and being blessed with the view of this mysterious flame. It is the king who built this temple of Jwala Ji.

Mughal emperor Akbar visited this temple and tried to douse of the flame of the temple. but they kept on burning in all their divine glory. It is said that when a humbled Akbar went to pay his homage to the flames and offered a golden “chhatra” or umbrella to the Goddess, the gold turned into an unknown metal as a signal that the Goddess has refused his offering. The temple is one of the 51 shaktipeeths and of immense religious importance to the Hindus.

Devotees who worship the Goddess here believethat Jwalamukhi Mata will grant any wish.