Thu. Dec 9th, 2021

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Pabbar Valley (Rohru) – Unexplored & Untouched place In Himachal Pradesh

Pabbar Valley is one of the mesmerizing spots in Himachal Pradesh. This is much untouched location, isolated from the rush of the tourist crowds. You can enjoy amazing scenic views in this place. If you are a nature lover, then this is just an ideal place for you to visit. You can also relish hiking and walking. The forests and orchards can make you feel close to nature. You can also get to experience different activities such as fishing, trekking, camping, etc.

Nowadays, paragliding and rafting is also gaining huge importance in Pabbar Valley. You must have heard about the popular names like Chansal, Karapather, Shelapani and Rohru pass, they all come under Pabbar Valley. So, before this destination becomes covered with the maddening rush of the tourists as well as high-end commercialization.  There is no doubt, once you reach the destination, you will just love it.

This little-touristed valley, relatively prosperous from apple-, vegetable- and maize-growing, runs northeast from tiny Hatkoti, set between steep hills 100km east of Shimla at the Pabbar River’s junction with the Jubbal. Hatkoti’s 8th-century Kinnauri-style Hatkeshwari Mata Temple, dedicated to Durga as Mahishasurmardini (slayer of the buffalo demon Mahishasur), and the neighbouring Shiva temple and Pandava shrines, attract many worshippers, especially when Shaivite pilgrims convene during the Chaitra Navratra and Asvin Navratra festivals in April and October.

From Hatkoti, the Pabbar valley runs up past the town of Rohru then eastward between 4000m-plus peaks to meet the range forming the west side of Kinnaur’s Sangla Valley; there are hiking and trekking possibilities.