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Daranghati Sanctuary – Hunting Reserve of Rampur Bushahr Royal Family

Shimla has rich wildlife resources and it is blessed with many common as well as rare species of flora and fauna. The richness of natural resources in Shimla has been attracting the visitors from every corner of the country as well as the world.

Daranghati Sanctuary located in the upper area of Shimla District, has undisturbed forest area with plenty of wildlife and was notified on 27th March 1974. The total covered area of this sanctuary is 16740 hectares. This sanctuary is located close to Rampur Bushahr and is about 150 Km from Shimla. It features a wide range of wildlife and offers visitors with excellent trekking expeditions.

The Daranghati Sanctuary was originally a hunting reserve of the Rampur Bushahr royal family. It was initially declared as a sanctuary in 1962 and later re-established on 27th March 1974. The sanctuary is divided into two parts, namely Daranghati Sanctuary I and II. These sections are divided by Dhauladhar Hills. The total notified area of both the parts is 168 km. This Sanctuary is surrounded by several wooden temples that the state is popular for.


In this sanctuary various quadruped like Himalayan Black Bear, Brown Bear, Ghoral, Barking Deer, Musk Deer, Hyena, Snow Leopard, Himalayan Ibex, Blue Sheep, Flying Fox, and Flying Squirrel etc are naturally habited.  Since long, no human interference has been made for want of additional residential area or wood cutting activities to illegal hunting.    Reason being the wilds are peacefully habiting inside the sanctuary.  This sanctuary is also rich in the reptiles.  Special Black Cobra (Hilly area) with spots on head is found here.  According to researches, this is much poisonous than Russell’s Wiper.

There is a network of bridle paths and inspection paths in the sanctuary. Visitors are advised to seek assistance from the forest staff posted at Dofda and Sarahan. The area is ideal for those who love to trek along mountain heights