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Languages Spoken in Himachal Pradesh

One of the most beautiful states of Himachal Pradesh is also known for diverse languages of Himachal Pradesh. As far as the languages of Himachal Pradesh are concerned, the state hold a good command on national language Hindi and Hindi is the state language of the state. However, locales of the state prefer Pahari languages that have various sub-languages or dialects.

As far as local languages of Himahcal Pradesh are concerned, they are varied and spoken all around the region. Some of the popular local languages of Himachal Pradesh are :-

  1. Mandiali (spoken in Mandi District)
  2. Kulavi (Spoken in Kullu)
  3. Chambali (spoken in Chamba)
  4. Hinduari (Spoken in Nalagarh and its surrounding area)
  5. Pangwali
  6. Miahasvi (Spoken in Mahasu region)
  7. Kehluri (Spoken in Bilaspur) and the list goes on.


In addition to the dialects mentioned above, other popular languages that are undersood and spoken in major parts of the state are Lahauli, Spitian (Bohts), Kinnauri.

Western Pahari is spoken in Kangra, Mandi, Hamirpur, Bilaspur etc. Each district has distinct dialect with 80-90% mutual intelligibility with other dialect of this language family. so Mandyali speaker can understand Bilaspuri and vice versa.

Central Pahari is Mahasu speaking area having border with Uttarakhand like in Shimla and Sirmaur. Tibetan is spoken in Lahul Spiti and Kinnaur, again it has many dialect like Pattan , Spiti etc. Border areas like Una has significant Punjabi speaking population but it is only a border phenomena.

Due to this major diversity of language from district to district and even some times within district Hindi was chosen official language to serve lingua franca else I hardly think I will ever speak to my parents or relatives in Hindi as I would be considered Pompous.