Sun. Jun 26th, 2022

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10 Interesting Slangs That Young Himachalis Use

Every dialect has a slang version to it which is mostly created by the youngsters of that area. Be it the Maharashtrian slang or the one spoken by Bengalis, there are twisted adaptations of the original language everywhere. Let’s find out what the young Himachalis have created out of their Himachali dialect.

1. “Ara”

For the other people of the same generation who are not residents of Himachal, the word is ‘yaar’ or ‘dost’ or friend. But for Himachalis, this expression is satisfied with the word ‘ara’.


2. “Bhaiji”

Bhaiji’ means ‘brother’ and is used for any person belonging to the male clan. It doesn’t matter if he belongs to your family or not. He is ‘Bhaiji’ even if he is a complete stranger.


3. “Thus reh”

The younger lot of Himachal use this phrase too often. “Thus” for them means calm, quiet and peaceful. The phrase may also be used to shut someone up.


4. “Belma la de”

Belma’ belongs to the famous newly invented language of the young fellows, called the ‘be’ language. The phrase just means that they need more grass to smoke and need someone to bring it for them.


5. “Merko” “Terko”

In Hindi we usually say ‘mujhe’ and ‘tujhe‘ in place of these words. But, there is some sort of comfort in replacing these with ‘merko‘ and ‘terko‘, which makes the conversation more ‘Himachali’.


6. “Boom shankar”

Lord Shiva is said to reside in the Himalayas. Himachal Pradesh being a part of the massive peaks and places of worship of Lord Shiva, people have great belief in him and his existence. This belief is more evident among the younger generation and ‘Boom Shankar’ is their way of offering prayers to Lord Shiva.


7. “Ladi hai meri”

Ladi’ means wife in Himachali dialect. Just like any other young fellows, guys from Himachal have a tendency to call every other girl their would-be wife or girlfriend.


8. “Ghussi na mar”

Before you infer any wrong meanings, you must know what it actually means. ‘Ghussi’ is a lie which is said only to impress someone and is actually untrue. So, the phrase means “Don’t just say anything” in a slang manner.


9. “Khapp ho gyi”

Khapp’ may be positive or negative, depending on the situation, but is definitely something weird happening, opposite to what had been expected.

10. “Ter machi hai”

Ter’ means getting high with alcohol or weed. Believe it or not, people in Himachal love getting tipsy once in a while with the youngsters occupying a great portion of that crowd. So, they get into ‘ter’ quite often.