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Pin Parvati Trek Unforgettable 11 Days- A Perfect Blend of Natural Vale Fantasies

Pin Parvati trek is one of the most beautiful treks in Himachal Pradesh. This pass links Parvati Valley in Kullu with Pin Valley of Spiti. Hence it derives the name Pin Parvati Pass. There is no other trek in all over the Western Himalayan region, which can match the grandeur of Pin Parvati Trek. Sir Louis Dane, an Englishman first discovered this high pass trek in 1884 as entry point to Spiti from Kullu valley. This is a very difficult trek owing to its high in altitude and remains under snowfall for most of the year, but also because it involves very long journey beyond habitation. An experienced guide is a must on this trek as this place is difficult to locate.

imagesdffTaking the trekkers to a maximum altitude of 5,319m above the sea level, the Pin Parvati trek is usually undertaken during the months of July to September and requires excellent trekking skills and techniques. This trek offers a linkage between Parvati Valley in Kulu to the Pin valley in Spiti and hence the name goes Pin Parvati Pass.  Manikaran dwelling between the splendid rivers namely Beas and Parvati, northeast of Bhuntar in the Kullu District is a must watch on this trial. Pine trees stands along throughout the trek. This trek being on a Buddhist region, all those traveling can make a visit to the Ki Gompo and Tabo monastery.

A mixture of steep slopes, gradual climbs, barren mountains, snow-clad peaks and rugged passes, this 100km trek needs high trekking skills and can be completed in a course of 11 days. Also, as the Pin Parvati Pass trek takes you through some of the highest peaks, getting acclimatised to the environs also become a major requirement for successful completion of the trek.

indexddPin Parvati Pass Day wise Plan

Day 01: Arrive in Bhuntar from where a vehicle will pick you up and drop you to Manikaran.

Day 02: Manikaran – Barsheni – Khirganga (3020m)
Duration: 5 hours

Khirganga is a hot spring where Lord Shiva is said to have meditated. The difference between the spring here and in Manikaran is that after a bath in Khirganga, your skin will feel clammy and greasy whereas after a bath in the spring at Manikaran, your skin will feel dry.

Day 03: Khirganga – Tunda Bhuj (3285m)
Duration: 5 hours

The trek commences through dense forests and flower-strewn meadows. The progress is gradual and slow as it’s a steep climb to Tunda Bhuj.

Day 04: Tunda Bhuj – Thakur Kuan (3620m)
Duration: 6 hours

The trail continues through a landscape strewn with waterfalls, lakes and meadows till Thakur Kuan.

Day 05: Thakur Kuan – Odi Thach (3800m)
Duration: 5 hours

It’s another day of steep climb to reach the high altitude meadow of Odi Thach. On the path, you will cross the Pandu Bridge, which is made of a single rock on the river Parvati. It is said to made by the Pandavas during their exile in the Himalayas.

indexDay 06: Odi Thach – Mantalai Lake (4115m)
Duration: 9 hours

The trek up to Mantalai lake is a gradual climb. Once at the lake, you can see the Mantalai Glacier, which is the source of the river Parvati.

Day 07: Mantalai – Base of Pin Parvati Pass (4300m)
Duration: 7 hours

Ascend to the base camp of Mount Parvati which also serves as the base of the pass.

Day 08: Base of Pin Pass – Campsite over Pin Pass (4110m)
Duration: 8 hours

A steep climb takes you to Pin Pass (5300m). At the top of a large snow filled, crevassed hollow leads to the broad rocky saddle of the pass. At the top, one can see a splendid view of the snowy mountains of Hampta region on one side and the Pin valley of Spiti on the other.

Day 09: Campsite over Pin Pass – Tiai (3700m)
Duration: 5 hours

Trek along the Pin river in to the Pin Valley National park. Look out for the elusive snow leopards, musk deer and ibex.

Day 10: Tiai – Mud (3650m)
Duration: 5 hours

Trek through the barren, stark landscape of Spiti to Mud, a pretty village perched on a hillside. We will camp here for the night and in the morning government bus service to Kaza.

Day 11: Drive from Mud to Kaza. Our trip ends once we reach Kaza.

Pin Parvati Pass Cost Includes:

– Camping Tents, Kitchen tents, Dining Tent and Sleeping bags (Holofill) and Carry mats.
– Nutritious, high calorie vegetarian food. (Food Cycle starts with Lunch on Day 2 and ends with breakfast on Day 11)
– Guide, cook and camp helpers.
– Porters to carry loads on the route.
– Tents on triple sharing basis (3 people in each tent)