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Rohru – India’s Apple Country

Rohru is a town and a municipal committee in Shimla district in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. It is a town located at the banks of Pabbar River and it is about 115 kilometres away from Shimla city. Rohru is famous for its quality apple and trout fishing. The hatchery is situated at Dhamwari, 25 km upstream of Rohru town. Rohru also has many high snow belts like Chanshil Top(Rohru), Surachali Top(Rohru-jubbal). Khara-pathar(jubbal) Sungri etc. and several beautiful valleys like Hatkoti as well. khara pathar, Chanshil Top and Surachali Top Untapu (Arhal-Batari) and Sungri are popular for record snow in winters. Throughout the year the climate and the weather conditions are perfect for Apple Production. These areas are highly rich in Apple Production.


Rohru is very popular for its High Quality Apple production. The production of Apples on the whole is maximum here as compared to any other Apple production area. The Apples are exported to the different parts of the country and to the other countries as well.

Rohru, Jubbal and Kothkhai are the highest Apple production valleys and cover more than half of the apple production in Himachal. This Rohru-Hatkoti-Jubbal-Kothkhai belt is popularly known as “APPLE VALLEY” or ” GOLDEN BELT” in Himachal and India. From some parts of Apple Valley the Apples are directly exported or provided to some popular juice making Companies in India and the world. Rohru is also popular for high per capita income and high standard of living of the residents.

OFFBEAT | Chanshal Pass, Dodra Kwar, Larot PABBAR VALLEY

If you look for a road less traveled, if you want to experience an indefinable blend of myth and reality, fact and fiction, if ancient and towering temples, legends, charming architecture and soaring mountains excite you, if fishing and trekking set your pulse racing, if you plan your vacation in the scrutiny of picturesque hamlets, fruit-laden orchards cradled by thick words and set by swift streams, and if you want to experience a place where man and nature live on – Experience the bewitching spell of Pabbar valley.


GIRI GANGA : The hike to Giri Ganga (7 km) is an enjoyable one through thick deodar woods. This is the source of the river Giri Ganga (also called the Giri) that rises just below the Kuppar peak. The river pours its waters into the mighty Yamuna and there is a small shrine at the spot.

CHIRGAON : 15 km from Rohru. Scenically enchanting, Chirgaon has a trout hatchery. Good fishing spots in the area are Seema, Mandi, Sandhsu, Tikri and Dhamari. Larot is another attractive spot near Chirgaon.This is the base for treks to Dodra – Kwar, the Sangla Valley and to Sarahan via Tacklech and to Nichar.

CHANSHAL : Like the resplendent crown for a noble face, the snow clad Chanshal range rises above the Pabbar Valley. At 4520 m the Chanshal Pass remains open from May to October. The Chanshal area also has some excellent ski slopes.

DODRA KWAR : The villages of Dodra and Kwar are separated by a few kilometers. Still unconnected by a motorable road, this pocket retains a pristine beauty. There are countless wild flowers and medicinal herbs, thick woods of flowering rhododendron, cedar and birch, waterfalls and fast-flowing streams. All this is set against a majestic backdrop of high peaks like the Sharangcha. The villages and their temples, are remarkable examples of local wood work skill and come packed with fascinating legends. The 45 km trek from Tikri to Kwar is via Larot, Chanshal, Gajyani-Thach, Kalapani, Dodra and Gaon Pujari, then over the Rupin stream at Gusangu, before Kwar.

Other places worth seeing from Rohru are Sudash (17 km), Larot (36 km), Sungri (32 km) and Dhanwari (26 km) which is famous for trout fishing.

The Chanshal Pass and twin villages of Dodra and Kwar have a unique history. In the age of road revolution, this region was devoid of a motor able road till as recently as 2009. The local tribes didn’t support road development efforts by the Himachal government, as they believed their local deity didn’t permit of road building. The deity finally approved of a road and in 2006, the foundation of the 92 km Rohru-Kwar road across the mighty Chanshal Pass was laid. It took three long years to finally connect the landlocked Dodra-Kwar to the rest of Himachal Pradesh. The inhospitable terrain hindered development work and the high amount of rain and snow atop the pass made matters worse. There were many stories of cars and bikes failing to conquer the Chanshal Pass in the past few years with the success stories few and far between. “Anandarup Nandi”  

The western slopes of the Chanshal massif are covered with dense forests, tapering off to velvet-smooth pastures on top. There’s a small stone temple on top. The other, eastern flank is barren and rock strewn, but after a descent of about 500 meters the forests claim the landscape again. Dodra (2400 m.) is a fairly large village with a very basic forest hut. It is perched above the Rupin river, and straight across the valley is the village of Kwar(2300 m.), 8 km. away and the second day’s destination. Kwar is a much larger village with its own heli-pad and SDM. It also has a very well furnished, three roomed rest house. The temples at Dodra and Kwar are worth seeing: their exteriors are covered with the mounted heads of various wild animals, most of them a rarity nowadays.


 Lake Chander nahan
Lake Chander nahan

Chandernaaan lake is situated in between beautiful snowy mountains at an elevation of 4,000 meters(approximately)from sea level in the Pabbar Valley.To reach Chandernahan lake you first need to reach Rohru which is at a distance of 120 Kms from Shimla.From Rohru there is a road which takes you to village Tangnu & village Janglikh. These villages are also good to see if you are interested in knowing the actual traditional culture of Himachal Pradesh. From the village Tangnu it is an eight hour trek Chandernaan lake with a stop at Litham Thach The word “Thach” means meadow. The river Pabbar originates from here,which cultivates a large area of Rohru. There is a water fall of about 30 meters before it converts in to regular flowing water of river Pabbar. It is the birth place of Devta Shikru. The temple of Devta ji is situated in the Heart of Rohru.

By : Neeraj Dhiman