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Mysterious Himachal

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Legends behind the Ghosts of Barog – Himachal Pradesh

India is full of places that have their own mystery. People have seen women roaming in white saris or dead people walking and talking at several places. Even though it can be called as a fragment of imagination of some creative minds, you can easily find a myth or a legend behind these so called haunted places. There is an aura of mystery around these places, people are indeed scared to go to these places but these places and stories still attract the curiosity of locals and tourists alike. Himachal Pradesh has its own share in the haunted stories prevalent in India and one such place that scores really high in ghost stories is in Barog.

Himachal PradeshThe place that has been the talk of several haunted stories is the Tunnel no 103 and lies on the enchanting Shimla- Kalka railway line. Visitors have claimed to see mysterious people including a British Colonel, Col. Barog, some other Englishmen, a lady in blacksari carrying a small kid and a man who asks every passerby about match sticks as he needs to light his cigarette. In fact there are at least 2-3 stories that are prevalent behind this mysterious appearance of people on this line.

Story of British Col. Barog

Col Barog was the person who was initially assigned the task of constructing this tunnel. He was a man of great morals. After the work of digging the tunnel reached mid-way, he found out that there had been a gross error on his part and the two ends of the tunnels fail to meet at the center. He took the blame upon himself and was very ashamed of his lapse. He was fined Re 1 for his error, but he could not bear the agony and committed suicide. Stories say, that it is his ghost who keeps roaming in the tunnel area on his horse. What is more surprising is that he responds to the people who try to talk to him! He even engages in long discussions too. People who travel by train have never seen him, it is only the people who cross the tunnel on foot see him.

BarogStory of the Black Witch

Another story that entails a ghostly appearance is of a beautiful lady wearing a black sari. Her black eyes produce hypnotic effects on the onlookers. She is carrying a child in her lap but the child is malnutritioned and doesn’t seem to belong to her. The stories say that several years ago, dead body of a pregnant girl was found at this place and it is the same girl who is still roaming there with her child.

Barog WitchSometimes she stays silent and keeps looking while at other times she screams and disappears into the walls of the tunnel. Locals never claimed to have seen her but she is visible only to passing motorists and drivers. The reason for this is believed to be that some motorist or driver might have killed her in an accident.

The stories are no doubt captivating and so are the encounters that happen. Everyone has its own encounter to share about these ghosts of Shimla while there is no way to find out the truth.