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Mysterious Himachal

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Una the abode of ‘Chintpurni’ Goddess

Una is a quiet town located on the bank of Swan river- a tributary of river Sutlej. Having excellent road connectivity, the town is known as the abode of Chintpurni Mata. Since the place is also a district headquarter, there has been tremendous tourist as well as commercial development in the recent years.

Mata Chintpurni shrine

The shrine is a single storied stone building with a square base and dome roof. The entrance has an old banyan tree on a raised platform.  There are idols of other Hindu gods including Bhairon, Hanuman and Ganesha. The main idol or the pindi is placed in a marble mannequin in a separate room. Large brass bells add to the aura of the shrine.

The legend

There is a well sough legend behind the holy shrine of Mata Chintpurni in Una. It is believed that a Brahmin known as Mai Dass was passing through Chintpurni to visit his parents in law when he heard some devotional tunes coming from the hillock. When he climbed the hillock, he witnessed a young girl aged 12-13 years sitting with a lion. She was surrounded by several gods who were singing songs in her praise. Her face was brimming with celestial lights and Mai Dass was horrified by the sight. To comfort him, the girl revealed that she was indeed Goddess Durga and was pleased with him and he should shed all his fears. She further told him that she wanted to stay at that place forever in the form of a ‘pindi’ and Mai Dass and his progeny would be engaged in the puja twice a day as the pindi will reflect her own image. Apart from it, all the worshipers of the pindi will be free of all worldly anxieties.

Mata Chintpurni DeviMai Dass told the Goddess that since the place was inhabited and has no traces of water, how would he do it, but the Goddess blessed him with a son and directed him towards a stone which upon unearthed will bring water. Mai Dass did as directed and found water. He cleaned the shrine and did the puja of the shrine. Since the next day, he had to leave for his in-laws’ house, he was unable to do the puja and as a result he became blind on the way. He took the help of some passersby and reached the spot of the shrine and apologized to the goddess. The goddess blessed him back with his eyesight. Mai Dass constructed a ‘Chhappar’ and started to live there and continued with daily puja of the shrine. Since then his descendants are engaged in performing the puja.

Mata Da Mela

Don’t forget to visit the Chintpurni fair or the ‘Mata Da Mela’ which is held thrice a year in March- April, July- August and September- October. The fair site is located almost 3 kms west of Bharwain. The legends say that it is the place where Goddess BhagwatiChinmastaka appeared in her ancestral forms. You can decide to take any one of the three routes available from Una, Kangra and Hoshiarpur by metallic roads.