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Kangra Fort- A Great Tourism Place

Kangra is one of the most picturesque valleys of Himachal. It is not just the beauty of the valley that makes it a sought after tourist destination, but the valley has a long cultural background, which makes it a must-visit place for all tourists visiting Himachal. Kangra fort is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Kangra. The small town boasts of several temples like Jawalamukhi, Bajinath, Bajreshwari Devi, Trilokpur, Chamunda Devi temple, which have their own glory. All this makes Kangra a perfect place to unwind yourself spiritually as well as emotionally.

Kangra fort shiva by shiva8097

Kangra Fort: The tourist Hub

History of the Fort: The majestic Kangra fort has been drawing the attention of one and all since the time it was built. In fact, the first attack on the fort was made way back in 470 AD by the Raja of Kashmir. After it, the fort has witnessed several attacks and was captured even by the British. Even though it was damaged to a great extent by a powerful earthquake in 1905, it still captivates the tourist’s fancy. Currently, the fort is under the supervision of the travel and tourism department of Himachal Pradesh which looks after its maintenance.

The Fort:  The fort overlooks the beautiful valley amid green lush forest and gushing rivers, making it a perfect place to unwind yourself. The museum inside the fort has an excellent collection of old paintings and sculptures, making it a dream come true for an art lover. Since the fort has passed through several reigns, you can see the impact in the blend of art and paintings, which have characteristics of both Mughals and Katochs. 

Inside the fort, there are two temples dedicated to Lord Adinath and Lord Laxmi Narayan each. The temples are adorned by delicate and vibrant patterns and bright colours, making them soothing not just for your soul but for your eyes too.  The temples alone are the reasons for making the temples a sought after pilgrim destination. You will also find two ponds as you explore deeper into the fort adding charm to the fort.


How to reach Kangra fort

Kangra has excellent connectivity with all parts of India by all means of communication. You can also take state transport busses to reach Kangra. From there, you can easily reach Kangra Fort by taking a taxi from any part of Himachal, including Kangra, Dharamsala or Palampur. Since the taxi fares are regulated, there are fewer chances of getting duped by taxi drivers. Moreover, since the place is a developing tourist hub, you can easily find a good hotel nearby at reasonable rates.

The best time to visit Kangra valley is from February to November. The weather is pleasant, giving you ample opportunities to engage in outdoor activities and adventure sports like paragliding, boating, bird watching and angling. Also, don’t forget to visit the wildlife sanctuary, which offers several recreational opportunities.